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Deglet Nour, the Queen of Dates to buy equitably

Welcome to Beni Ghreb close corporation!

The commercial company Beni Ghreb was founded in May 2002 in Hazoua  (Tozeur, South Tunisia). They started their work in Septembre 2002 as a marketing  and proscessor manager of the dates.


Why to choose Beni Ghreb dates

7 good reasons to choose our biodynamic farie trade dates:

  • you support equitable trade.
  • you enjoy best quality.
  • the prodution is eco-friendly and forward-looking.
  • you enable Hazoua to make economical and social progress.
  • all people who are involveld in the production get paid fair and their income is secure.
  • You give a futur to the dates farmer.
  • You support the biodamic agriculture.

Processing and quality

  • Technical education o the farmers

To assure their best quality of the Beni Ghreb dates, the farmer have people who controle their work and who teach more about biodynamic agriculture.

  • Certification

If you buy biodynamic dates in Switzerland or Germany, you can be sure that the date come from Hazoua and have been treated by very experienced date farmers. The dates are labled with "Demeter" and "Fair Trade" wich stands for eco-friendly agriculture and fair paymant.

Conditionning of the biodynamic dates

  • Quality check

    Beni Ghreb works together with several technical food laboratories to bring or products on a global standard and to check the quality of the dates. This should bring more security to the costumers and raise their confidence. The following laboratories controle the quality of our dates:

    1. Centre de Recherche Phoenicicole de Dégache(CRPH)
    2. Centre technique d’agriculture biologique Sousse
    3. Centre technique de l’agro alimentaire Tunisie
    4. Ministère d’agriculture Tunisie
    5. International Plant Genetic Resources Institute(IPGRI)

    The quality is checked in physicochemical and mircobiological processes.



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